Eric Ayala

About Eric Ayala

The Eric Ayala Memorial Foundation was started to honor the spirit and memory of our dear friend Eric. Eric was a graduate of Emerson High School Class of 1994. He was a three-sport athlete who was well respected by his peers and teachers alike.

Eric Ayala's senior photo (1994).

Eric Ayala's senior photo (1994).

In January of 2000, Eric was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia. His spirit and attitude was amazing throughout his time with leukemia, and he truly taught those around him to appreciate all aspects of our lives, no matter what we may be dealing with. Eric was a true champion of life!

Eric succumbed to leukemia on May 8, 2000. To honor Eric, we chose to start this foundation and help people in need. We want to convey Eric’s message of making the most of every day and always look to help others.


The mission of The Eric Ayala Memorial Foundation is simply to help people who have been diagnosed with an illness or who are in a situation of need.

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The Eric Ayala Memorial Foundation Board of Directors at the annual memorial dinner (2014).

About the Foundation

We host an annual fundraising event to raise funds to support our cause.

We also provide an annual scholarship for two Emerson High School graduates. One male and one female receive a one thousand dollar scholarship for college. As of 2017, due to the generous support of the Park Ridge Community we've added an annual scholarship for a Park Ridge High School Student.


Donation Growth